by Isabela Page

What would you do if you have more than 2 thousand Santa Claus dolls and other Xmas characters in your house? You would probably keep them as collection and bring them out for display every Christmas Season. But one grandma from Cagayan de Oro has other grand plans – to put up the first Santa Haus in Cagayan de Oro in 2015.

Mrs. Thelma Velez Roxas started her unique collection in 1992 when was already 41 years old….her fascination started at a young age but her desire to get serious with her collection came late but she didn’t mind it considering the joy she gets every time a new addition to her growing collection comes in either as a gift from friend, or family member or from her own hunt at bargain stores. Other than Santas, she also has a good number of pieces of raindeers, snowman, angels and even hello kitty’s!


The collection now becomes a family affair as her relatives and friends from abroad, has supported her collection by giving her new items to add to her fast growing collection which is occupying her modest home beautifully. The collection is in full display for the entire Christmas season for visiting friends and neighbors. She takes good care of each piece just like how she took care of her own children- bathing or clean dry them and safely hidden in boxes once holiday season has ended. Among the many Santas, her personal favorite is the painter Santa because of the rarity of this piece. The Santas come in different sizes, color and character.


Whats rewarding about this personal collection is influencing her grandchildren to do the same- of which grandson Andre Velez Mendoza is already deeply engaged in the collection by helping her lola take care and watch over the collection.


By next year, Mrs. Roxas plans to open the city’s first Santa Haus which will feature all her collection as their way of contributing to the local tourism of Cagayan de Oro.

(To know more on how you can help or contribute to the realization of the first Santa Haus in Cagayan de Oro, you may contact Andre Mendoza thru his Facebook account. You may want to donate your extra Santas to this initiative.)

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