SATTAE (pronounced sa-tey), a new grill house which will heat up the gastronomical area of Corrales Avenue is set to open soon.

In fact, the date has been set – NOVEMBER 28. So what’s about the name? It is derived from SATTI which is a sweet & spicy sauce that is served like a soup with hanging rice and grilled meat. Originally from Malaysia (satay), the southern part of the Philippines has adapted the recipe and tweaked it creating a sweet & spicy sauce that will cure any hangover! See a sample below. With its extra spicy recipe, expect sweat to run down your face….


SATTAE is located along Corrales Avenue corner Justo Ramonal just across Xentro Hotel.


And by the way, it’s a GRILL YOU CAN day for P149. See poster below.



images by Sattae Facebook page

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