Have you heard about the newest bakery in Cagayan de Oro City named Shirogi?

Well, the full name is SHIROGI PAN DE KOFI, a 24-hour pandesal bar and ever since it opened, customers are lining up early and even up to late at night just to buy its pandesal. It currently has 2 branches: Cogon and Agora. Below is the Cogon Branch – it’s not exactly in Cogon but along 12th Street, Nazareth some 70 meters from Trendline Store. Customers start lining up as early as 5AM, then the line thins out by midday (Filipinos prefer rice for lunch), and then the line starts to extend by mid afternoon (snack time). Just aftet dinner time, customers start queueing again up to 10PM probably for a n evening snack. Shirogi Pan de Kofi is actually based in Angeles City in Pampanga and the 2 CDO stores are probably franchises.

Below is the Cogon Branch. You can see the line of people waiting for the chance to buy a pack of Shirogi pandesal. Some cars are even parked along the roadside waiting. At peak time, waiting time could last about 20-30 minutes.



People from all walks of life line up…. people in house clothes, work clothes, uniforms, sports attire and those in business suites line up…


As their tag-line states: Babalik-balikan mo…!!!

IMG_1630 IMG_1632

Shirogi’s pandesal use wheat flour….


And they don’t use high-tech baking equipment…they use the traditional oven.




Customers buy in bundles of P10, P20, P25 and more….

IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1641

But aside from the cheap P2 price, what customers like about Shirogi is the palatable taste of the pandesal…it’s definitely “babalik-balikan mo” (Trans. you’ll keep coming back).

IMG_1339IMG_1645 IMG_1649

…and guess what, their pandesal is thick inside…a P10 (5 pieces) snack and a coffee could satisfy your hunger. Pandesal sizes are comparable to a small computer mouse.

IMG_1650 IMG_1654

Below is their Agora branch just beside Shell Station fronting Puregold. This photo was taken around 8:30AM so the line has thinned out already.


So, are your ready to line up? This pandesal is a must-try!!!

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