Everybody has been waiting whatthe proposed SM CDO2 Premier from the inside.

Well, here’s a sneak peek with interior renderings of SM’s 2nd mall in Cagayan de Oro taken from website of DSGN Associates (LINK).



Image below shows what probably is the 4th level with ticket booths at right.



This is the supermarket entrance which is right beside Tune Hotel.


Here’s a brief description of the mall as taken from said website.

Program – Upscale urban mixed-use center.

Location – Cagayan de Oro, The Philippines

Size – 90,000 sq. m.

CDO2 Premier is an upscale mixed-use center in a busy area of downtown Cagayan de Oro. Lush landscaping, fountains and covered arcades integrate the mall into its urban setting and create friendly paths for pedestrians along the street. A sculptural glass curtain wall creates a dramatic entry at the corner, allowing the retail center to glow with activity at night. The interiors are distinctly upscale with crisp, modern finishes, lively patterns and bold accents of color.


SM CDO2 Premier certainly is something we look forward to.

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