Residents of Barangay Bonbon in Cagayan de Oro City are pushing for the re-alignment of a portion of the proposed mega dike project which will affect much of the barangay’s high school site and relocate several households.

The City Council has also supported the said barangay’s move through Resolution No. 11778-2014 requesting the DPWH for the realignment of the dike structure as shown below.



See Barangay Resolution below.


In this picture below, you can see the BLUE COLORED AREA in the upper left portion of the image. This is the area which will be affected by the mega dike project which was recently approved for implementation.


In an illustration below, the yellow line marks the mega dike project as proposed by DPWH with the proposed re-alignment as suggested by Barangay Bonbon. Clearly, the mega dike project will affect a huge area.


Will DPWH grant this request? Or will the government push through?….

images of Brgy and City Resolution fro Brgy. Bonbon FB page


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