It was posted a few days ago about a pizza store (LINK) as among the new locators at Vista Malls’ The Village Center at Gran Europa. But more commercial establishments are set to open soon to cater to the needs of the Gran Europa community.

The shops which will open at The Village Center is a selection of stores and service centers, offices, clinics and other services, dining amenities, among others. See initial list below.

  • CCA Center of Culinary Arts
  • Pidot’s
  • Botoy’s
  • Rose Pharmacy
  • The Mini Store
  • Coffee Shop
  • Kashka’s Station
  • Link Web Ultimate Gaming Experience
  • Joe’s Handy Man
  • The Village Medical Clinic
  • Louisse Nicole Snack House
  • Bambu Springs (massage, body treats, spa)
  • First Peak Resources and Technologies, Inc.
  • Camella Corporate Office
  • Fabricare Laundry World
  • Urban Cut Barber Shop
  • Pizza Freddo
  • and more…..!

Of course, already open are Wellcome Supermarket and Georgia Academy. See some of the photos below.

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all photos by Lor John Ebarat

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