Street name signs are located in almost every corner in the downtown as well as urban areas of Cagayan de Oro City and they are usually named after persons in the city’s history. But there’s one barangay where the signs help to inform the public not just what the street name is but also who is this person the street is named.

In Barangay 4 which covers a few commercial blocks near Divisoria, the street name signs have a brief info on who the street was named afer. Take for instance this sign at the corner of Don A. Velez and Toribio Chaves Streets.


A closer look of the text can be read on who was A. Velez.


On the other side, the public is informed as to who is T. Chaves as shown.

IMG_0727 IMG_0728 IMG_0730

And a few people know about the person Pabayo Street was named after.

IMG_0731 IMG_0732

Here’s a brief description about Arch. Santiago Hayes.



As indicated, this was a project by the Sangguniang Kabataan of Brgy. 4 way back 2002-2005. This project is not just a good directional guide for tourists but also a helpful info for the public particularly in our city’s history. Hopefully, this could be implemented city-wide.

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