You might have noticed that several culverts were installed along the open canal beside the Maharlika Bridge in Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City just beside the former yard used by the Shell Import Facility Project.

The development started last week and ss shown, earthfilling is also being conducted covering the culverts which drains storm water runoffs toward Cagayan de Oro River.


Photo below shows some of the culverts which have not been covered yet.PelaezCorMaharlikaBridge2


Normally, drainage works along the National Highway is done by the DPWH, but there is no billboard seen onsite stating that this project is by the DPWH which speculates us that this development could have been made by the adjoining lot owner and that the covering of the drainage line will expand the said lot. We wonder what will be built in the area soon….

photos by @Gene Eric

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