PROJECT WATCH: Capitol ground breaks Sagpulon Falls Development Project

Misamis Oriental Governor Yevgeny “Bambi” Emano led provincial and local officials of Jasaan town during the recent formal ground breaking of the Sagpulon Falls Development Project in San Isidro, Jasaan.

Sagpulon Falls has long been a favorite tourist destination among local townsfolk and nearby areas but lacked the facilities to lure in more tourists. The project includes a function hall, accommodation facilities, restrooms and an access footbridge and the completion of said amenities will make Sagpulon Falls more accessible to visitors.997062_548972008536189_5879292436160736549_n 1965459_548973981869325_2381071288505351576_o

Sagpulon Falls features a 350-meter water fall drop with several unexplored caves at the base of the falls (LINK). A more picturesque panoramic shot of Sagpulon Falls can be found HERE.


More photos below.10349973_548967995203257_4712095502224548151_n 10460835_548967268536663_8106960550694274280_o 10629653_548965875203469_8182777647858755602_n 10687000_548975885202468_3701568070440563056_n 10700247_548971978536192_4494929376735632549_o

all photos by Provincial Information Office and Michael Andrew Beja and Dexter Pillo

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  1. Batoy says:

    Ayos kaayo ang mga pose ni Gov.. ASTIG!!

  2. bong says:

    ngano angkonun jud? pakauwaw lang..

  3. cs luis says:

    inani nga mga proyekto dapat ihatag kanah sa private sector kay sila man ang mas maka-atiman anah, dili ang gobyerno. Prime example of that is the Lawndale spring nga lumot2x kau sa una og wa nay gamit karon.

  4. Ikaw na! says:

    Grabe gyud ang pose oi pang BEAUTY PAGEANT GYUD! liwat gyud!

  5. Batoy says:

    Hehe, wala ko nag ingon.. Tigas jud siya sa ako panan aw, LAFFFF

  6. rey villa says:

    astig gyud kaayo yung unang picture ug ang katapusan kanang duha proven hahahaha grabe ka stig barako kaayo

  7. JBM says:

    Project is good. But it’s better if they built decent and reliable access road to reach the site ~ and private investment will follow

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