The Golden Mile project of then City Mayor Tinnex Jaraula is now officially and literally gone as the DPWH approaches the final stage of completing the Duaw Park section of the flood control (river dike) project.

As shown below, only some mounds of filling materials are what’s left of the once reclaimed portion of the river.

IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8487

It was noontime…some worker is seen at the base of the dike.




Below is another platform being constructed right near St. Augustine Cathedral Rectory.IMG_8489 IMG_8490

The walkway ends below….


The Duaw Park or what’s left of it has been raised more than 2 meters from its original level. A stage is being constructed perhaps for the fiesta activities.


Here’s the view from the bridge.

IMG_8502 IMG_8503

Meanwhile, work continues on the City Hall section.


You could see the affected globe lights.


I wonder where will city hall install these lights.


You could observe that the new dike is much closer to the building and much higher than the old one (Golden Mile).


According to an insider at DPWH, the entire dike project will stretch up to the river mouth and will affect much of riverside properties along Burgos Street.

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