Ever since flights to and from Cagayan de Oro City have been transferred to Laguindingan Airport, we seldom see commercial airplanes flying over the city.

But last month, a white cloud streak in the sky was spotted over the city. Usually, these streaks in the sky are just normal attributed to paths made by a meteor as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.


But zooming closely on the white streak, a small object was seen as shown below.


The white streaks came from this object.


Zooming more on the object revealed it was an aircraft believed to be flying at over 30,000 feet.


Clearly, it could be a commercial airline on an international route flying over the city.


The aircraft passed over the city and disappeared into thin air as it flew further away.


Posting these photos just came up after the recent fate of some commercial airplanes – Malaysian Airlines, Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways and lately, Air Algerie.

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