This is No. 79 showing updates of both new and previously posted construction projects.

First is this 2-storey commercial building along the National Highway in Iponan. It is located right beside another car dealer with some job hiring as shown.

IMG_7549 IMG_7550 IMG_7551 IMG_7552 IMG_7552a IMG_7553

Next is this new development right at the back of Tita Fannies Corrales Avenue. We can only see the construction work from afar since it is located in the interior behind Trinidad Building.

IMG_7608 IMG_7609 IMG_7610 IMG_7610a

Construction of this commercial building below along Hayes Street has been going on for quite a while…and it’s still not finished but as shown, it’s almost ready for occupancy.

IMG_7346 IMG_7347

Another new commercial building along Pres. Roxas Street is shown below.IMG_7397

Meanwhile, more constructions are seen at the Capitol Compound.

IMG_7412 IMG_7413

This Shell Station at Kinasanghan area at Barra, Opol is also set to be opened soon.IMG_7576 IMG_7577

And finally, full blast construction continues for the Prawn House branch in Seaside Opol.




More will be posted as long as time permits. Stay tuned.

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