PROJECT WATCH: Gaisano – Centrio overpass planned


The long overdue Gaisano City Mall – Centrio Mall overpass might be realized soon.

Columnist Ben Contreras disclosed this information in his column in today’s issue of Gold Star Daily as shown ion the scanned copy below.


With heavy foot traffic crossing the lone pedestrian lane between the two large malls, both pedestrians and motorists are sometimes at a wait and cross mode resulting to stalled traffic particularly during rush hours. The construction of the overpass was raised a couple of years ago when Centrio was just inaugurated. Unfortunately, there were reports (don’t know if it’s true) the Centrio management was opposed to the idea as it affects the design of the mall’s facade.

Hopefully, this time, the interconnection of the two malls could be finally be made. Of course, the design of the overpass will have to be carefully considered. With the overpass, the danger of crossing the busy CM Recto Avenue will be eliminated.

photo by Marlon Lapuz

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  1. mark says:

    I could only hope it does not become another home for billboards advertising phones. Lets make this one filled with greens thru plant boxes at the sides. Serves as shade from the sun, dust and rain not to mention very pleasant to the eye.

  2. Andy says:

    ^ no worries.. ayala will not allow ugly and dirty overpass (Y)

  3. torso says:

    this is nice …

  4. oca says:

    Ah murag admin sa ayala lol…..

  5. Super Bisdak says:

    Ok na diay ang Ayala ana nga plan? I thought dili sila mosugot ana kay madaut ang aesthetics sa Centrio Mall. Masmaayo kung ma-push through ni nga plan.

  6. rudy mijares says:

    If Centrio wont agree for an overpass, maybe an underpass will do. It will be much better.

    • Super Bisdak says:

      Not possible since underground ang power ug communication lines fronting Centrio, plus ang baha pa gyud dihang dapita..

      • rudy mijares says:

        I saw the underpass at Makati and Singapore. it is deep (elevation is at least 2 story height) and wide with aircon and stores in it.

  7. Tony Parker says:

    Dear Gaisano, do you also have plans to redesign the facade of your shopping mall? Hehe

  8. totoy says:

    naa bay mahimo ang ayala kung i-push thru sa city ang plan?

  9. Garden Loop says:

    I think it is more cheaper and feasible to connect the two shopping mall via underground tunnel similar to Seoul Korea.

  10. Gene Eric says:

    Make it beautiful, minimalist, without a roof so that it would not obstruct the facade and so that there would be no bystanders (except photographers 🙂 ). I Googled beautiful pedestrian overpass and most beautiful overpasses are circular, placed smack in the center of a wide intersection.

  11. LeBron James says:

    Tony Parker! yah! ur the man !

  12. lemuel Quina says:

    sakto mana seya kay ni uli ko lastyear sa CDO grabeh jud ka delikado pwedi sad seya kagaya sa MAKATI na sa ilalom moagi besan bahaan seya naa mangihapon na seya pamaagi pero much better over pass jud

  13. economist says:

    moconnect na daun ang Limketkai, Sm Premier, AYala, puregol and Gaisano…grabeh ang economies of agglomrtaion sa mga mall dihang dapita…go Cdo!

  14. miko says:

    if the city government will do that kung mga private morag malabo look at ketkai ilang g close ang agian going to puregold….

  15. Mars says:

    I dont think Centrio will agree on this

  16. dodong says:

    dapat lng ky dagko kau na sakyanan ga agi dha. dli pud cguro pwede wlay roof.. but translucent roof would be much better. den green plants ky atleast ma bugnaw ang mata dli puros building ang makita.. devah

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