The long overdue Gaisano City Mall – Centrio Mall overpass might be realized soon.

Columnist Ben Contreras disclosed this information in his column in today’s issue of Gold Star Daily as shown ion the scanned copy below.


With heavy foot traffic crossing the lone pedestrian lane between the two large malls, both pedestrians and motorists are sometimes at a wait and cross mode resulting to stalled traffic particularly during rush hours. The construction of the overpass was raised a couple of years ago when Centrio was just inaugurated. Unfortunately, there were reports (don’t know if it’s true) the Centrio management was opposed to the idea as it affects the design of the mall’s facade.

Hopefully, this time, the interconnection of the two malls could be finally be made. Of course, the design of the overpass will have to be carefully considered. With the overpass, the danger of crossing the busy CM Recto Avenue will be eliminated.

photo by Marlon Lapuz

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