Bitan-ag Creek is Cagayan de Oro City’s largest creek which drains much the eastern part of downtown area.

And for the past several years, this creek has been much more of a problem than a natural outlet drain. It usually overflows during heavy rains. Just a few weeks ago, the city government conducted “HAPSAY SAPA” (Read LINK) to declog the city’s drainage system and creeks before the onset of the rainy season. But last night (June 29) as heavy rains poured for more than a couple of hours – the usual occurred again – it overflowed flooding adjacent areas particularly portion of CM Recto Avenue where the creek intersects the national highway. The flood receded as soon as the rain stopped.

And this morning, Mr. Aries Señara of Bombo Radyo took some photos at the creek and posted some of them in Facebook. See screenshot below.



You will notice what’s left the flood – a pile of wooden materials and trash trapped at the highway culvert.

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