Even before the tragic white water rafting incident that took place couple of weeks back, the annual candidates’ river rafting adventure was already planned way ahead as their adventure appreciation tour.

But it took the organizers- JCI Bai Lawanen, various consultations with the local officials and city tourism council head Dotty Pabayo- who are in unison to say that the event should not be cancelled but preparations should be thought really well.

Ms. CDO Chair Gean T. Cesar and Vice Chair Gigi Go, took the initiative to call the parents of each candidate to ask for their go signal-surprisingly all said yes as long as safety precautions are in place and strengthened.

City Mayor Oscar Moreno on the other hand said, although the candidates have parental consent- he wants to make sure that the rafting outfitters will provide substantial number of river guides to go with the group.

Great White Water Rafting and Kagay Journey talked about the safer route that the candidates will take and assured that additional river guides will come along. Photographers Kim Zaldivar and Phillip Vallespin with videographer Robert Gunayan from Parasat Cable TV joined the candidates to capture the thrill and excitement the candidates experienced- braving the sudden rain, strong current and their fears.

Promote CDO President Ralph Paguio expressed that this river rafting event done by candidates- proves that rafting is still the most exciting adventure event in the City but emphasizing on the importance of the community’s vigilance in calling for stricter safety measures.

The event was also held in loving memory of Aizza Mae Calipusan Balbin- whose adventurous spirit lives on in the hearts of Kagay-anons. Photos by: KIM ZALDIVAR

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