Here are some scenes of Cagayan de Oro River taken at Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge.

First photo shows the river looking upstream. The brown color indicates rain has poured in the uplands.IMG_6741

Next photo shows local “quaridors” in their small boats. They use long bamboo stems to navigate the river. Manual river quarrying has been going on for the past 2 decades.IMG_6742A

Here’s an empty boat…IMG_6743

Just upstream is this barge…IMG_6744

Right next is this small motor boat.IMG_6745

And further upstream docked along the Kauswagan riverbank are two small speed boats.IMG_6745A

Here’s a shot showing the three water vessels…IMG_6746A

Meanwhile, this boat is seen along the Puntod side of the river.IMG_6747

Here’s a much farther shot showing the contrast of the rural river and urbanity in the background.IMG_6749

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