Ororama Supercenter (Cogon) has just inaugurated this morning its new stalls located at the ground floor near its entrance along Mortola Street.

As shown, the development has resulted to a more spacious hallway across the grocery area which is more convenient for shoppers.


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You could probably notice the more elaborate ceiling which also characterized its new expansion wing.10363558_643157815774418_597006159720458858_n

The new stalls actually connect toward the food court or bingo hall with more popular products such as Waffle Time, Creamy Snow, Zagu, Master Siomai and Poldo’s.10360693_643158479107685_4279070467889248106_n10338338_643158375774362_7526604204075068508_n10302365_643157755774424_89023727743015166_n


photos by Ororama Cdo

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