Elements of the City’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) and Task Force Hapsay Dalan conducted another street clearing operations around Cogon Market today as makeshift stalls and structures which obstruct traffic have began to make their way back into the streets.

As shown in the photos, most of those confiscated were mobile stalls which have returned to the streets around Cogon Market. These structures display market goods along the streets during rush hours causing traffic nightmares around the market again as they occupy mostly parking slots and several lanes of the road. This morning, these were properly piled along the sidewalks to be used again later in the day for rentals by ambulant street vendors…not until Task Force Hapsay Dalan came to enforce the law.

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Early today, the traffic enforcers were briefed on the possible resistance from the vendors.10340173_10202129247217018_4044306268337104468_n


Most likely, after a few weeks, these stalls will slowly make their way back into streets again…and Hapsay Dalan conducts another clearing operation.

all photos by Jose Edgardo Uy

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