Mintugsok Falls is probably one of Cagayan de Oro City’s best kept natural treasures.

Nestled between the lush hinterlands of Barangay Indahag and Cugman, the falls is at the endpoint of a nature trekking adventure. The falls can be reached by at least two (2) access. The nearest access is from Barangay Indahag proper where it will take an hour to reach the site. This trail however has some steep descents. The other access is from Mapawa Nature Park in Barangay Cugman, a much easier trail but longer.

A lot of mountaineers and adventurers have recently reached Mintugsok Falls. Sooner, this hidden falls will finally take the limelight in a hot summer….

If you want to go to Mintugsok Falls, there are local guides available from both Indahag and Mapawa….

photo by Mike Sivintin

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