Construction of the MUST Engineering Complex is now on the final phase.

As shown, the glassy facade and external color of the 2-building complex can now be clearly observed along CM Recto Avenue after the removal of the scaffolding.

IMG_6495 IMG_6496

The university logo was just installed recently.


The temporary isolation walls along the road were also removed exposing the complex’s ground floor which houses several commercial spaces. Coffee shops, eateries, school supplies and services could be the right fit for the units.

IMG_6498 IMG_6499

Note that the ground floor level is some seven steps above the road level. Perhaps this is the highest flood level in the area which has plagued the campus for so long.


Concreting of the parking ramps is now ongoing.

IMG_6501 IMG_6502 IMG_6503 IMG_6504


The new entrance gate is likewise being completed and will be opened soon. Meantime, the old gate remains the only entry to the campus. When the school year opens next month, engineering and architecture students will now have their own truly engineering and architecture marvel.

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