The planned skyway project in Cagayan de Oro will have four ends: (1) JR Borja Extension near Maria Reyna; (2) Capistrano St. corner towards JR Borja Bridge; (3) Vamenta Blvd. corner of the bridge; and (4) Camp Evangelista entrance towards Max Suniel St.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)  has proposed a P2.5 billion budget for the skyway. Based on the proposal, below is this blog’s rendition of the skyway route as described in the said article.


Here’s a closer look at the starting point near Camp Evangelista. The existing road descends from Patag all the way down to Calamansi Drive in Carmen. Perhaps, the proposed Skyway will start its ascent in the area indicated below towards the junction of Villarin and Max Suniel Street. Following Max Suniel Street, note that the Skyway will also pass between the 2 buildings of COC-Phinma before joining JR Borja Bridge.


Segment below shows the probable Skyway Exits at Vamenta Blvd. and Capistrano Street. Both east and west-bound lanes will have separate exits. The Skyway is expected to descend near Vamenta Blvd. to connect at JR Borja Bridge. Exits at both roads will have plenty of right-of-way issues as presumed.


The Skyway continues along JR Borja Street through Cogon area.


As stated, the exit will be near Maria Reyna Hospital at JR Borja Extension.


Will Manila give this go signal?

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