Taxi driver Bienvenido Villareal Jr. got a happy surprise one afternoon when a call from a netizen came and told him some gift items and cash are waiting for him from generous individuals.

Villareal did a simple act of honesty by returning back a lost cellphone owned by his passenger- Mr. Elson Elizaga sometime last month. Elizaga expressed his thank you through an FB group account (Mata na CDO) which resulted to a long trail of praises and thumbs up.

That’s when a low-profile local group named Angels in Disguise (AID) took notice and contacted Elizaga for the taxi driver’s whereabouts. AID is a small group of friends whose aim is to carry out simple acts of generosity to any individual who they think deserve surprise treat or assistance from the group. AID has been helping discreetly many individuals for many years now thru their wide network of friends who are more than willing to respond for any campaign of help.

Villareal received cash and food item from AID thru Gilda “Gigi” Go, Atty Vincent “Enteng” Pelaez, movie tickets for the whole family courtesy of SM City Cagayan de Oro Cinema thru PR Officer Ivy Guantero, body massage gift certificate from Touch and Heal Spa and gift certificate from Loreto’s KTV and Restaurant.

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Villareal, a taxi driver for 10 years now, has two daughters, 12 and 5 years old- expressed his appreciation and is glad that he can now treat the whole family after her daughters graduation in a few days. He said there were already a few times in the past that similar incidents happened, and he made sure lost items are returned to rightful owners.

AID is now campaigning for another surprise treat for the next individual who rightly deserves similar recognition.

photos and text from Angels in Disguise

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