RANDOM SHOTS: Stegodon fossil in Misamis Oriental


Do you now that there’s a fossil found in Misamis Oriental?

The fossil is that of a Stegodon, ancestor of modern day elephants which roamed the planet during the post Pleistocene period. The species accordingly made its way to the Southeast Asian region including Mindanao from mainland Asia through land bridges (LINK).

According to the Museum tour guide, the fossil was reportedly found in Laguindingan town in 2010 and the fossil remains (bones and tusk fragments) are displayed at Museo de Oro in Xavier University as shown below.

IMG_5169 IMG_5169a

The painting above found at Museo de Oro is an artist’s rendition of what Stegodon looked like.

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Wow! That’s really interesting.

  2. Michael James says:

    I knew Mike Farell was pretty old but did not realize he went back that far

  3. Vr Bimbos says:

    asa dapit na sa laguindingan na nakita kay naay langub sa laguindingan nadaw bokog nakita..murag sa mauswagun ba to?

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