A mini olympic-size pool is now being built at the JR Borja Extension (Gusa) Campus of at Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School (SHSMS).

As shown, concreting works of the pool is now in progress. This pool is set to be completed in April this year, just in time for summer and will cater not just to students of SHSMS but also to outsiders. Just an added info, although many pools differ in size, this mini-olympic pool has 6 lanes and is 25 meters in length and 12.5 meters in width. Depths are 4 feet at the sides and 5 feet at the middle. An olympic size pool meanwhile has 10 lanes, 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.

Pool design below. (NOTE: this will have 6 lanes)–drawing only has 5.


1969307_10201691544109781_1079695501_n 1797416_10201691543109756_400740274_n 1922499_10201691543389763_2056199643_n 1962675_10201691543949777_2056019591_n

The groundbreaking was held last January.


photos by Joseph Jatico

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