Watching National Geographic and even Discovery Channel on Cable TV seems like a very simple thing to do. But these features take days, weeks and even months to make just to get the best possible shot of the subject.

In Cagayan de Oro, a group of photography enthusiasts have began this hobby-sport of WILD BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY. But this is not easy as you may think like bringing a camera and shoot at birds. Their subjects are different species of birds in the wild. In order to have a good photo, you need to have your camera, skill, camouflage, and of course alertness. If you have the eye to spot a wild bird, then you have an advantage. It may be called a sport because at the end of the day, the one with the best shot or capture of wild bird could win. Of course, the group would decide for themselves.

The group initially hires a bird spotter, usually a biologist at Malasag Park, where they capture the wild bird photographs. The bird spotter knows where these kind of birds are usually spotted, by area, time and even where they feed and hunt their prey. But once you are well acquainted with the sites, you can do the spotting yourself.

Camouflage is also a major requirement particularly in trying to shoot close up shots. Because a slight movement among the bushes will cause the bird to fly and flee from its spotted area.

See some of the photos below. These were taken mostly in Malasag, Opol and at Mt. Kitanglad. But if you’re not into mountaineering, Makasag and Opol are the best alternative sites.

Black-faced Coucal Black-faced Coucal2


Here’s a rare close up shot of a serpent eagle taken at Malasag. Birds of Prey have very keen eyes and sense of movement. This kind of shot would not be repeated for a long time.




A good example of camouflage…taken at Mt. Kitanglad.

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…and they have a name – WILD BIRD PHOTOGRPAHERS OF CAGAYAN DE ORO (WBPCDO).1927111_10201344624447020_4496808_nphotos by Marlon Lapuz and Bobby Famas

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