After several months of inactivity, the contractor of the city traffic light signalization and CCTV project has resumed its installation of related equipment.

Specifically shown below is the intersection of Tomas Saco Street and Rodelsa Road near Yumi Pension House where the installation was made just a couple of days ago.


You can clearly see three (3) devices mounted on the pole. The left one is for vehicles turning left. The one at right is for vehicles heading straight. The center device is the counter.

IMG_4871 IMG_4872 IMG_4873

Pedestrian signs are also installed at the side streets.

IMG_4874 IMG_4875

This one below near Knightsbridge Building has only the timer installed.

IMG_4877 IMG_4878 IMG_4879 IMG_4880

The same set is also being installed at Velez-Fernandez Junction.

IMG_4881 IMG_4882 IMG_4883

A short conversation with a traffic aide assigned at the area said the ongoing installation is part of Phase 1 and accordingly, Phase 2 was also approved to include more intersections in the city.


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