A Facebook account carrying the name of Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. Bulua Base has created a stir among Netizens in this part of the country after it posted a comment about the use of drugs by drivers.

The initial post was actually a question:

unsa inyo ganahan driver nga kaskasero kay naka tira og tambal para sa dili katolgon o driver nga katolgon while on duty

This is translated to: “which do you prefer, a speed maniac driver who has taken drugs to fight drowsiness or a drowsy driver while on duty?

Of course, a few Netizens commented and objected to the use of drugs by drivers. Drugs could mean either banned substance or just plain prescription drugs. But the admin/moderator of said FB account perhaps made the most controversial comment in response.

importante sa driver ang mag drugs lalo na kung layo kaayo and routa nya. pareha nahetabo sa mt.province. nakatolog ang driver ato nga time right?

This is translated as: “it is important for drivers to take drugs especially if his bus route is quite far. like what happened in mt. province. the driver dozed off during that time right?

The “Mt. Province” stated could refer to the Florida bus accident which killed 14 people including actor Arvin “Tado” Jimenez.

Whether the Facebook account is fake or legit, it needs to be looked into by government authorities particularly LTFRB or DOLE as thousands of commuters use the bus daily.

For RTMI, that Facebook account is damaging to the bus firm. RTMI is the largest bus company based in Cagayan de Oro City and has bus routes to almost all points in Mindanao with Cagayan de Oro as its base of operations.

See screenshot of the controversial post-comment below.


This is the cover page of the FB account.


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