The Mambayaan Bridge in Balingasag is now passable to all types of vehicles as of 10:00pm last night after the Provincial Government led by Gov. Yevgeny “Bambi” Emano, the local government of Balingasag and the DPWH successfully connected the bridge with filling materials.

Accordingly, the measure will just be temporary as the DPWH will be the one to implement the permanent solution. Motorcycles were the first to cross the bridge yesterday afternoon while 4-wheeled vehicles were allowed to pass at around 10:00pm. A CDO-bound bus is shown below.


It can be recalled that the western approach of Mambayaan Bridge was washed away a couple of days ago by rampaging waters of Balatukan River resulting from week-long bad weather spurned by “Agaton”. Photo below shows Gov. Emano supervising the initial filling of rocks and earthfill materials amid the heavy downpour.





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Local officials had to rush the connection of the bridge since this is a vital link between Northern Mindanao and CARAGA Region.

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When the bridge was rendered not passable, local residents installed ladders and wooden planks as means to cross the bridge.

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Meanwhile, a portion of the National Highway in Anakan, Gingoog City was also cleared of debris from landslide. Browse over the photos below.

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with photos by Christine Hidalgo Cabiasa, Josefino Bascug and Alejandro Bascon

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