City Hall has explained its new business plates which bear the face of the City Mayor, the city’s official logo and the Business Plate number in a yellow background.

Read below (from CDO Info Network):

At first it has occurred to me the “epal look” but it is important to me that the commitment to transparent and accountable governance has a face. Tulubagon ko ang syudad,” Mayor Oscar Moreno said.

“I have always resisted the “temptation” of putting my face in my projects even when I was a congressman and governor. Six years in Congress and nine years as Governor of the Province of Misamis Oriental, never have I succumbed to the epalist temptation,” Mayor Moreno added.

City Administrator Atty. Hilario Roy Raagas explained that the Anti-Epal Law or the Anti-Signage for Public Works Law prohibits public officials from affixing their names or images on public works billboards and does not cover business plates and similar materials issued by local governments.

The image of Mayor Moreno appearing on the yellow colored business plates issued by city hall is an express manifestation of the city government’s and the city mayor’s commitment of transparent and accountable governance and effective and best service to the public and its solid partnership with the business sector and other stakeholders for CdO’s sustainable growth and progress, Raagas said.

Atty. Raagas added that the plate’s new yellow color symbolizes confidence and optimism and it captures CdO’s vibrance and dynamism of activities and linkages with and among communities, business and other sectors and the city’s bright economic projections. The decision to use the vibrant yellow color which has been traditionally associated with CdO, being the City of Golden Friendship.

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photo by jaysan chee

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