Blog readers have shown interest on our post last January 8, 2013 about Kilometer 1439 marker at Divisoria (LINK).

This is a follow up to that post. It was clarified that the “2” below CDO indicates 2 kilometers from the “zero” or “0” marker for Cagayan de Oro along the Maharlika Highway. So the photo below (courtesy of DeMolay Wcs Chapter) shows the “zero” marker at Mindanao University of Science & Technology. It also reads KM 1437…exactly 2 kilometers from 1439.


This is KM 1438 marker along Don Apolinar Velez Street at Malayan Insurance Building across the Provincial Capitol. “T” stands for Talakag, the next town along the highway and is 36 kilometers away.


On the other side of this marker shows “CDO 1″…this is exactly 1 kilometer from MUST marker as well as KM 1439.


Going back to KM 1439, the other side of the marker also indicates Talakag town is 35 kilometers away.


Below is a summary of the markers, location and map.



To be able to understand these road markers, you must know your geography.

with photo by DeMolay Wcs Chapter

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