The Low Pressure Area (LPA) lingering near Visayas and Mindanao has forced flights cancellations and delays at Laguindingan Airport in the past few days.

Because of the situation, stranded passengers had to cope up with the cramped airport terminal and most of the time tinker with their own personal electronic gadgets e.g. cellphone, laptop, tablet, etc…

But then again, many passengers who have no knowledge about how airports work lament about the cancellations, wondering why the new airport which government state is much safer than the old Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro couldn’t handle flights amid a rainy day which is not even a storm.

Basically, airport operations are managed by its control tower. Unfortunately, after almost 7 months of operation, Laguindingan Airport’s control tower is still not operating since its navigational facilities have yet to be installed (I wonder what’s the status). Read my post last July 2013 HERE. Runway lights also haven’t been installed yet too so goes the “SUNSET LIMITATION” cause of cancellation.


Bobbit Avila, a regular columnist at Philippine Star, was among those who got stranded. While in Cagayan de Oro, he had dinner with City Mayor Oscar Moreno and Elpie Paras and learned that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) still uses the Lumbia Airport Control Tower. Read his article HERE.

In previous press releases by DOTC-CAAP, Laguindingan Airport’s navigational aids will be operational by June 2014. By then, millions of pesos have already been lost brought about by flight cancellations and delays.

with photo from pbase.com

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