Cebu Pacific has cancelled several flights to Cagayan de Oro and vice-versa today, January 11, 2014 as the existing bad weather caused by a low pressure area (LPA) continues to persist affecting most of Mindanao.

In a statement posted on Cebu Pacific’s facebook account, the following are the list of cancelled flights to CDO and vice versa:

  • 5J381 (Manila to Cagayan de Oro)
  • 5J382 (Cagayan de Oro to Manila)
  • 5J215 (Cagayan de Oro to Davao)
  • 5J216 (Davao to Cagayan de Oro)
  • 5J391D (Manila to Cagayan de Oro)
  • 5J392D (Cagayan de Oro to Manila)
  • 5J397 (Manila to Cagayan de Oro)
  • 5J398 (Cagayan de Oro to Manila)
  • 5J205 (Cebu to Cagayan de Oro)
  • 5J206 (Cagayan de Oro to Cebu)


Meanwhile, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has already upgraded the LPA into a Tropical Depression as shown below.




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