If Rizal Monument at Luneta Park in Manila is Kilometer Zero, then Cagayan de Oro is Kilometer 1439.

Kilometer 1439 is marked K1439 on the map and means the city is 1,439 kilometers following the Maharlika Highway from Rizal Monument. It is a road numbering system by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Shown below is the road marker along Don Apolinar Velez Street just across Grand City Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. If you’re asking about the number “2” below the CDO, it means the city center (marked “0”) is 2 kilometers away and is located near the current gate of Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST)—Read K1437 Kilometer O HERE.


Below is the Kilometer Zero marker in Luneta Park just across Rizal Monument (flicker photo by Armand Gonzales).


Interestingly, Mindanao has its own Kilometer Zero and it’s in Marawi City as shown below (photo from lakadpilipinas.com).


However, I think DPWH is using Rizal Monument as the primary reference point for all national roads as Marawi is at K1570+004 as shown below (I believe that’s 4 meters from K1570 marker).


The different road markers in Misamis Oriental province are shown in the map below. You may notice the marker at Cagayan de Oro as K1439 +(-220). Perhaps the “220” indicates 220 meters from original marker.


Maybe somebody could clarify the +/- number of meters after the marker.

original map from dpwh

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