It’s been five (5) days after Task Force Hapsay Dalan conducted clearing operations around Cogon Market in Cagayan de Oro City and so far, the streets remained free of the obstructions such as street and sidewalk vendors.

This is JR Borja Street. The lane at right used to be occupied by street vendors selling a variety of goods. Now, it is used as parking area for motorcycles.


Below is Yacapin Extension near Gaisano Suki Club. The left side is still free of street vendors. Note the 4-lane road.


Photo below is the junction of Yacapin Extension and Capt. Vicente Roa Street. Street vendors used to extend their makeshift stalls towards near the intersection that making a left turn from Yacapin becomes difficult during rush hours.


And finally, this is JR Borja corner Lt. Guillermo Street. You could still see some patches of street vendors but this they don’t obstruct traffic flow. Before, vendors occupied parking areas along the streets that only one lane is sued for moving vehicles. One question – what’s the use of the pedestrian lanes when people just cross the street everywhere?


As in last year’s Hapsay Dalan operation at Cogon, after clearing during the day, vendors tend to come back at night. Slowly, one day at a time, these street and sidewalk vendors will build temporary mobile makeshift stalls and carts positioning in several parking areas. Hopefully, these clearing operations continue provided the city government provide alternate sites for these vendors to ply their trade. Otherwise, these street and sidewalk vendors would continue to come back.

all photos by CDO Info Network

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