It was posted in this blog last February 26, 2013 about the site clearing activity at the vacant lot near the Kauswagan-RER Junction (see it HERE).

But last night, heavy equipment started arriving at the site. As shown, the said lot is right beside the Maharlika Bridge approach.

IMG_3425 IMG_3428 IMG_3427 IMG_3426

Quite interestingly, most of the heavy equipment seen were for foundation works indicating something huge is about to be built at the site.


But of all the equipment onsite, it’s this pile driving equipment got me intriguing. Bauer is the same company which built the foundation of Limketkai’s 35-storey Gateway Tower. We had rumors before about a certain project to be built on the same site but we have no validation. Further, there are no tarpaulin or billboards installed onsite about any information.

IMG_3430a IMG_3430

But seeing these movement indicates another project to watch for in the next few weeks.

IMG_3431 IMG_3433 IMG_3432

Workers seen onsite are from Bauer Foundations.

IMG_3434 IMG_3438 IMG_3437 IMG_3435

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