The new Robinsons Department Store inside Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City is now open.

This 2-level retail area occupies the huge space formerly occupied by Plaza Fair and the whole 2nd level at the mall’s South Concourse. It is bigger and more spacious than the existing branch located at the northeast section of the mall which will cease reportedly by year end to give way to another development. Initially, the new store has semblance with Robinsons Centrio including the design and architecture but has higher ceiling causing more air circulation. The opening was attended by both Limketkai Mall and Robinsons officials and staff and some of the mall’s early shoppers. It is the latest opening in a span of less than month inside Cagayan de Oro’s homegrown Limketkai Center.

Browse over the photos below.

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all photos by Limketkai Center facebook page

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