This is the last batch of the old Limketkai Mall taken about a decade ago during its major reconstruction and expansion.

You can see the steel frames now taking shape in one of the concourses.


Limketkai’s major reconstruction and expansion was a major project which cost millions.


The playground and skating rink have been removed and foundation works and steel trusses are now being prepared for the soon to be Atrium. That’s Chowking by the way.


While construction proceeds on the left, mall operations continue at right.


Heavy equipment during the construction stage.


7net Internet Cafe was one of the first internet cafe’s in the mall.


As the mall is being slowly covered, new businesses sprout. This is at the North Concourse.


The date stamp states 2003.


Smart is still occupying the same space as of today.


KFC used to be at the North Concourse and was relocated to the South Concourse as Limketkai began grouping food chains and restaurants. National Bookstore now occupies the old KFC space.


While construction is going on, mall shoppers are shielded from the sun and rain.


Here’s an old construction photo by one of the steel contractors.

Limketkai Mall Expansion

Old folks could still remember these. But for the younger generation, it pays to know some history for the city’s homegrown mall.

all photos by Limketkai Mall

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