This is the second batch of photos from Limketkai Center’s facebook page showing a collection of old photos of the mall from way back two decades ago.

Limketkai Mall when it opened more than twenty (20) years ago was an open air arcade type strip mall. Below is a video and music store.



The skating rink was one of the popular hangouts back then both for the family and the young ones.



The Customer Service Center shown below is located in the spaces now occupied by Toby’s and escalators to Robinsons Department Store.


Here’s a much farther shot of the mall complex.208028_201208566577681_2700846_n

You could see some carnival rides at the area now occupied by the Limketkai Atrium.


Bump cars at the center of the rotunda. You could see Jollibee in the background.


The old Plaza Fair was a favorite among local shoppers.


Barney’s was one of the old snack joints way back.


Island Tours and Souvenirs was located along the main hallways of the mall now occupied by Greenwich.

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Plaza Fair’s supermarket was the lone grocery store at Limketkai during the 1990s.


Picture City and Bench were one of the original occupants of the mall.


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Before National Bookstore, there was Alemar’s. Dunkin Donuts has since relocated.


You could see the open air above which posed problems to mallers during both a hot day and a rainy day.


all photos from Limketkai Center facebook page

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