The 4th Stakeholders Meeting for the Flood Risk Management Project for Cagayan de Oro River (FRIMP-CDOR) was held recently at N Hotel and among the highlights was the result of the preparatory survey conducted for the project.

The survey covered the city’s riverside barangays from Balulang in the south to Bonbon and Macabalan in the north.  A map of a section of the project is shown below with the city proper near city hall and the area just south of it including Paseo del Rio, Macanhan in Carmen and Tambo in Macasandig. You will see the ongoing dike project being undertaken by DPWH in BLUE LINES and the proposed Mega Dike to be funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in YELLOW LINES. You may notice the GREEN and RED colored area in the map. RED is actually the NO BUILD ZONE (NBZ) and the river area is GREEN.


Flood Risk Levels are colored RED (Level 4)- very high risk of casualty; YELLOW (Level 3)- high risk of casualty; GREEN (Level 2)- medium risk of casualty; and BLUE (Level 1) – low risk of casualty. See explanation below.


The affair was attended by City Mayor Oscar Moreno and Cong. Rufus Rodriguez.


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Mayor Oscar S. Moreno showing the map.


Cong. Rufus Rodriguez showing the Cala-cala area.


Cong. Rodriguez showing the planned FLOOD WALL and BOULEVARD along Burgos Street which will run from Ysalina (Carmen) Bridge up to Maharlika Bridge.


Below is the planned revetment along the narrow sections of the river (AT CITY HALL) showing the walkway. You may notice numbers such as 2, 3 and 4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it means the sections of the project dike numbered from the north to south end. Section 1 is north of Maharlika Bridge up to Bonbon/Macabalan. Section 2 is between Maharlika Bridge to Isla de Oro. Section 3 is City Hall area while Section 4 is south of Ysalina Bridge. Note that L means LEFT BANK of the river while R means RIGHT BANK. So R3 means right side (City Hall side).

1461206_671344546230554_1819525659_n 1459213_671344149563927_957164831_n

Below is the ongoing dike construction across Du-aw Park in Carmen side.


A RETARDING BASIN is proposed at Paseo del Rio. Likewise, improvement of Kagay-an Bridge is also proposed. A RETARDING BASIN is usually a large, open, free draining basin that temporarily “detains” collected stormwater runoff to reduce downstream flowrates. These basins are normally maintained in a dry condition between storm events. Paseo del Rio is dry during non-stormy events. Note the RETARDING BASIN follows the natural waterway at the site and EXCLUDES the old golf driving range.


Shown below is the improvement of Kagay-an Bridge. I’m not really sure but it seems a “flyover” is planned over the dike which forms  the RETARDING BASIN.


The YELLOW LINES (DIKES) will be built on both banks of the river .


Slide below shows some narrow sections of the river.



1459315_671384732893202_1109062211_n 1466101_671384622893213_1794927683_n

The study also necessitates  the relocation of Level 4 areas.


But the question remains – when will this mega dike project be implemented?

with original photos from CDO Info Network and red archer of SSC

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