This is just a comparison of two major cities which have experienced tragedies.

Cagayan de Oro in 2011 (from Tropical Depression Sendong) and Tacloban in 2013 (Super Typhoon Yolanda). Sendong pales in comparison to Yolanda as in Cagayan de Oro, the affected areas are the places along the river. In Yolanda, it is the whole city. Images below taken from the same altitude (from Google-Earth) showing the size of said cities. I am not so familiar with Tacloban City except that I have labeled some city landmarks (San Juanico Bridge in the north and the airport in the southeast). Note that both cities are along the coast. The difference is that while Cagayan de Oro’s coast is facing north, Tacloban is facing east where most if not all of the typhoons come. Cagayan de Oro is shielded by mountains in the east to southeastern area where typhoons pass and usually, the critical areas in the city are its rivers because they all originate in Bukidnon. In Tacloban, the mountains are located to the west of the city. In “Yolanda”, the city faced the storm “head-on” which is why the storm’s winds pounded the city for several hours.



Years ago, Cagayan de Oro was outside the typhoon paths…but today, we cannot state it anymore. However, save it to our mountains…for they have shielded us for a long time.

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