Data and maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showed rainfall amount forecast for HAIYAN, locally named YOLANDA.

For Cagayan de Oro – in the maps below, on the 1st column is the forecast period…since the data was taken at 5:32pm, an 18-24 hour forecast means noontime to 5:32 pm tomorrow Friday. The next columns to the right indicates the amount of rainfall (≥25mm, ≥5omm, ≥75mm and ≥100mm). Focus on Cagayan de Oro on the map. The city is not yet covered by the “colored” until the 18-24 hour forecast period.


What are your thoughts? Below are closer look of the maps (18-24 hour forecasts) where the storm’s diameter will be nearest the city.

1. ≥25mm rainfall amount


2013HAIYAN.p25.11070000.18 (1)


2. ≥5omm rainfall amount



3. ≥75mm rainfall amount 


4. ≥100mm rainfall amount



View the entire rainfall forecast HERE.

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