To instill awareness and discipline among the city’s motorists even in the absence of traffic enforcers, roving deputies will now be deployed to randomly check traffic violations around Cagayan de Oro City and issue citation tickets to erring motorists.

Read the press release below.

The Operation Hapsay Dalan will launch the “Roving Deputies Project” where traffic enforcers and deputized personnel will randomly check traffic violations around the city and issue citation tickets to erring motorists.

This will be implemented by way of “roving apprehensions” or through the “roving passengers”. For the “roving apprehensions”, there will be two or more deputies who would go around the city and randomly check on traffic violations and apprehend the violators.

For the “roving passengers”, there will be deputies who would ride the PUJs pretending to be ordinary passengers and who would pay the correct fare but they will be on alert for traffic violators. If a driver violates rules such as the No loading/unloading signs, one deputy will call the attention of the driver but if the driver continues to ignore the warning, the other deputy will apprehend the driver.

The participating operatives in this project are the RTA enforcers and the deputized volunteers from the Campaigners of Road Courtesy and Discipline (CRCD) and CLEAN 10.

It is expected that the project will instill awareness on motorists to observe traffic rules even if no traffic law enforcer is in sight.

info and text from facebook; photo by Nino Rey Jandayan

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