Dela Salle University (DLSU) had just won the 2013 UAAP Women’s Basketball Tournament and you would probably notice the tall player on the bench.

She’s Fretzie Oyao from Cagayan de Oro recruited out of Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School. Her height is a rarity in the local basketball scene and this got the curiosity of some scouts. The 6’5 Fretzie was first spotted in during PRISAA. LINK.

In the UAAP, she usually rides the bench but gets some quality minutes. Now on her 3rd playing year with the Lady Archers, Oyao is just one example about how height in basketball will take you places.

1157722_706902559337690_1079303820_n 1240174_706902842670995_1251937829_n Fretzie-Oyao


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