Ababu Persian Kitchen located along Corrales Avenue at One Montecarlo Building is now on soft opening.

This is the first franchise store outside Manila and Boracay. Serving middle-eastern dishes like Shawarma Rice, Kabab Rice and Keema Rice, the new joint has two sections: an open air area for those who wish to smoke and feel the natural air and the other is an air-conditioned section for those who would like to cool off after a hot day. Much more, you get to see how they cook your order with a transparent glass.


See their menu below. Guess what, their value meals also come with unlimited ice tea.

IMG_1011 IMG_1013

Middle-eastern type of dishes are somewhat spicy and aromatic with chopped veggies and tomatoes on the side…here is a sample of the value meal (from its facebook page).




Their logo is shown below – “a smiley with the goatee”….



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