Here’s a sample of the latest 3D flood hazard map of Cagayan de Oro which was the first map produced by the Climate Change Commission supported by the Australian Government Overseas Aid Program through the United Nations Development Program under the Project Twin Phoenix.

The new map uses three-dimensional realistic mapping techniques using data from the Department of Science and Technology Project Noah and the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority.

The map shows different colors indicating flood vulnerability. Accordingly, the darker the hue, the deeper the water. In the map below, the purple colour in the map shows how high water might rise along the banks of the Cagayan De Oro River if heavy rainfall occurs. The map is shown looking north with Carmen (left), Paseo del Rio (center) and the city proper and Nazareth Area. The blue area at the bottom is Cala-cala in Macasandig. Hopefully, this will be shared online.



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