The Immaculate Conception Church in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental is currently undergoing repair and restoration works.

As shown below, you can see scaffolding around the left belfry for exterior works (photo from Jasaan Today Facebook page).




The church was built by the Jesuits in the 19th century. It has been declared as one of the National Historical Landmarks in the country. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has been regularly repairing and restoring the church (LINK). Photo below shows the church in 1948 (photo from http://historyofarchitecture.weebly.com). You could see that both belfries back then had two windows while the facade had a different upper portion.


Below is a photo of the church’s interior and the altar (photos from http://historyofarchitecture.weebly.com)

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