My last buzz was last February of this year but hey, rumors are high again for this 12th edition.

First is the eagerly awaited second SM mall. Rumors state that aside from the mall, a hotel and convention center is also in the pipeline. Could this be co-located in the small 3-hectare area of the old Coke plant? Or could this be established somewhere else?

Then, more developments are also set in the uptown area. A green condo developer is reportedly planning to establish a “green city” while a large Manila-based company is also eyeing a horizontal development. This Manila-based firm is one of the top corporations in the country and eyeing a property in the uptown area.

Meanwhile, a popular real estate group is also reportedly looking at some properties in the western part of the city for a large commercial development.

All of these are still not final and perhaps will get more details soon.


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