Here are latest new projects in Cagayan de Oro City not previously posted.

First is this new development at Xavier University Gym. This space was formerly occupied by a printing shop which have relocated further along Corrales Avenue. Based on the pictures, a new occupant will take its place.



Next is this new development along Julio Pacana Street just across YMCA and Court of Appeals. Last July, I posted about the former Kambingan ATBP being demolished (LINK). Now, the entire adjoining lot has been fenced and the enclosure included the former Kambingan lot.


Next is this new commercial building along Yacapin Street near Capistrano. As shown, it’s a three storey structure. Photos taken in 2 different times.



Next is a new building rising along Gaabucayan Street near Julio Pacana. Could be another 3-storey building.


And finally, photos below were taken a month ago but I forgot to post them. Anyway, this 5-storey building is rising in Lapasan just near the Barangay Plaza. I passed by the project site yesterday and building construction was already on the 4th floor.




There’s still more new projects now ongoing, but unfortunately, my time does not permit me… Anyway, below are just some of them (talk about condo craze in Cagayan de Oro) – will post photos soon.

  • New 10-storey condominium along JR Borja Extension (area enclosed already)
  • New 6-storey condominium along Masterson Avenue (ongoing site developments)

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