Here are some recent shots taken from Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge…

The mouth of the river can be seen just ahead. Brackish water is noticeable.

IMG_0201 IMG_0210

Closer look show some river protection works ongoing along Macabalan side…and there’s some jet skis on the river.


Meanwhile, a cargo ship sails away…a dredger is also seen at left along the Bonbon shore.

IMG_0202 IMG_0202a

The jetski rider looks back …

IMG_0206a IMG_0206  IMG_0203

…while another one drives thru…


More shots of the ongoing river protection project.

IMG_0208 IMG_0212a

IMG_0212 IMG_0211

IMG_0205 IMG_0204c

IMG_0204b IMG_0204a IMG_0204

Meanwhile, a shot of the bridge going west.


…and going east.

IMG_0214 IMG_0213

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