A new 2-lane, 110-meter 3-span steel bridge will replace the old single-lane utility steel bridge linking Cagayan de Oro City and the town of Baungon in Bukidnon which was destroyed during Typhoon Sendong.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the P230 million bridge was held last week at the project site. New and wider approaches on both sides of the bridge will also be made.Residents of Baungon town suffered economic setbacks when the bridge was destroyed delaying farm products (see related story HERE). A hanging bridge was temporarily constructed (shown in the background below). Rafts crossing the river were also used but this added freight charges for farmers. Four-wheeled transports had to use the circuitous route from Libona town and crossing the Bubunawan Bridge before arriving at Baungon.


The project was finally realized thru the coordination efforts of new Congresswoman Lourdes Acosta (see tarp below).

cab1  cab3

cab4 copy


groundbreaking photos by Nam Gnihw

Below is a photo of the bridge before it was destroyed.


photo from pinoyexp.com

Below shows what’s left of the bridge after Sendong.


photo by jedsum

Below is the temporary bridge.


photo by Fred Nobillos

Meanwhile, a new P140 million bridge linking Barangays Lingating and Liboran also in Baungon town will also be constructed. This new Tumalaong Bridge will repalce the former bridge which was also destroyed during Sendong.

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